Will there be an RTX 4060 Ti laptop?


Is an RTX 4060 Ti laptop coming? Are there RTX 4060 Ti laptops?

Updated May 18, 2023 1:11 p.m

Will there be an RTX 4060 Ti laptop?  Are there RTX 4060 Ti laptops?

The release date of the RTX 4060 Ti graphics card is around the corner, however Will there be an RTX 4060 Ti laptop variant? The short answer is we don’t know, but it seems unlikely.

There was no mention of an RTX 4060 Ti laptop GPU from Nvidia or anyone else. While that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a standalone revenue, there are other indicators as well. Read on for a breakdown of our reasoning.

Was there an RTX 3060 Ti laptop GPU?

The previous generation Nvidia 30 series had desktop RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards, but the laptop equivalent never materialized. This makes it seem less likely that Nvidia will release an RTX 4060 Ti.

Would an RTX 4060 Ti laptop GPU make sense?

The average FPS performance increase between the existing RTX 4060 laptop GPU and the RTX 4070 laptop GPU is around 20-23%, although of course this varies by game. An RTX 4060 Ti laptop would have to fall between those two performance points to really make sense or have similar performance to the RTX 4070 but are cheaper for Nvidia to produce or allow them to consume excess RTX 4060 components (as was the case with the RTX 3070 Ti laptop GPU compared to the RTX 3080) .

We don’t think the first of these is likely as the spread between the two seems too small for a third SKU. As for the second possible reason, we can’t know what makes commercial sense for Nvidia. Overall, though, we think it’s unlikely we’ll see one.

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Will there be an RTX 4060 Ti laptop? Last word

So Will there be an RTX 4060 Ti laptop? Probably not, but time will tell. In the meantime, check out our countless other gaming laptop guides in the drop down menu above.

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