Who is Park Seo-joon playing?


In April 2023, Marvel Studios released the first full-length trailer The wonders — the Carol Danvers-directed ensemble film that serves as Captain Marvel 2, so to speak. Brie Larson returns as Carol, aka Captain Marvel, the former Air Force pilot-turned-superhero, but this time the human-Kree hybrid is joined by other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) heroes with extraordinary powers : Captain Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris). ), whose fans last saw their cells rewritten in 2021 WandaVisionand Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a Captain Marvel superfan who becomes the body-altering heroine Ms. Marvel in her self-titled 2022 Disney Plus miniseries.

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But they’re not the only existing Marvel Comics characters to appear in Captain Marvel’s next appearance. Director: Nia DaCosta (candy man, Small forest), The wonders In the film, Carol, Monica, and Kamala navigate a destabilized universe, a wormhole, Kree revolutionaries, and most importantly, their powers blending to form the titular team. Marvel’s 33rd feature film also marks the MCU debut of South Korean actor Park Seo-joon (parasite, fight for my way). So who is Park Seo-joon in? The wonders and the larger MCU?

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Who is Prince Yan in the Marvel Comics?

Park Seo Joon Marvels Captain Marvel Prince Yan Sword

K-Drama fans have been wondering, “Is Park Seo-joon in Marvel?” for a while now. In fact, the actor asked himself that while narrating The guard In an interview in 2022, he said he was in disbelief when Marvel Studios approached him. Although Park revealed his involvement in the MCU for some time, details about his character are few. After much fan speculation, the latest trailer for The wonders seems to have answered the question of who Park Seo-joon plays in the MCU.

In the trailer too The wondersPark wears a regal-looking outfit and wields a sword, which pretty much confirms for die-hard Captain Marvel fans that he would play Yan, the prince of Aladna. This lines up pretty well with the rumors surrounding the film that claim this is the case The wonders I’ll get some inspiration Captain Marvel Volume 8, #9, which features Aladna – a planet with inhabitants who only speak in rhymes. The rumor? The Marvels will land on Aladna and be forced to communicate in song form.

What role could Yan play in the Marvels?


In the comics, Yan plays a rather small role. Captain Marvel visits Aladna, where Prince Yan struggles with his culture’s marriage practices. On Aladna, women choose their spouses – and men must do the same. Lila Cheney, a mutated singer with the ability for intergalactic teleportation, lands on Aladna as a child and decides to become engaged to the young prince. Years later, Lila returns to the planet, and for the natives, the engagement is still very real.

Less than thrilled, Lila teleports to Captain Marvel’s ship and asks Carol to help her stop the wedding. The plan? Carol will object to the marriage and hopefully free Lila and Yan from the marriage contract, which neither of them want. Unfortunately, a conquering alien named Marlo appears who wants to take control of the planet by marrying Yan. When Marlo decides to fight Lila for Yan’s hand, Carol steps in to fight in the mutant’s place. After defeating Marlo, Captain Marvel – Yan’s legal bride-to-be – gives Prince Yan the right to choose his future spouse. In the end, Yan’s first act as ruler is to abolish all archaic non-consensual practice.

Given Lila Cheney’s prominent role in this affair, it seems like this story was pulled from one source New mutants or another X-Men variation, but it’s very much one Captain Marvel Volume. So, will Prince Yan be involved in an unwanted engagement in this upcoming MCU movie? It’s hard to imagine The wonders would introduce Lila Cheney as the film’s roster is already pretty full.

Monica Rambeau Teyonah Parris The Marvels Captain Marvel MCU

Fans have speculated that the MCU Disney Plus series Secret invasiondebuting in June 2023 will set the events of The wonders. As comic book readers know, that is Secret invasion The plot follows Nick Fury and company as they attempt to stop a Skrull invasion of Earth. Given Captain Marvel’s long history with both the Skrull and Kree, the idea that this will all fit together seems reasonable.

With so much to cover, it’s hard to imagine that all the action will be on Aladna. According to the film’s official synopsis, Carol is caught in a strange wormhole “linked to a Kree revolutionary,” so it’s possible The wonders I’ll do some planet hopping or space-time travel. Featuring three protagonists to balance – Carol Danvers; Captain Marvel superfan Kamala Khan; and SABER astronaut Monica Rambeau, who also happens to be Carol’s estranged niece – Prince Yan could be more of a supporting character. Still, it will be exciting for fans of both the talented actor and the ever-expanding MCU to see Park Seo-joon in action The wonders.

After many delays and schedule changes, Nia DaCosta’s The wonders is scheduled to premiere exclusively in cinemas on November 10, 2023.

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