Warning to smartphone users as hackers can ‘fool’ the security feature using a simple trick


Millions of smartphone users have been warned that hackers could bypass their facial recognition security feature and steal their data.

Mobile phones made by the likes of Samsung, Motorola and Nokia have face unlock systems that can be ‘tricked’ by a printed 2D image of the owner’s face.

That’s according to consumer experts at Which?, who warn that this flaw could lead to criminal exploitation of people’s personal information.

Facial recognition is often used as a security feature in smartphones, and is recognized as one of the safest ways to protect data.

But it could allow scammers to bypass the screen lock on certain Android phones and access apps that contain a range of sensitive information.

From August 2022, Which? sent 48 new smartphones to the lab for testing and of these, 19 new phones (40%) could easily be spoofed with a photo to get through the phone’s lock screen and gain access to the phone.

And user photos registered on the device are not particularly high resolution and are printed on a standard office printer on normal paper.

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