The ultimate Fiverr SEO guide to getting your gigs noticed


Imagine this: you log into your Fiverr dashboard to check the gig you published two days ago, and you already have five orders due for delivery. It definitely sounds enjoyable and almost impossible at the same time.

You can be, but only if you know how to harness the power of SEO on your Fiverr listings. Most sellers start a gig only to get discouraged when no orders come in. That’s because creating SEO-optimized listings is essential to getting noticed by the Fiverr algorithm.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Fiverr SEO so you never run out of business again.

Step 1: Understand the Fiverr search algorithm

Most sellers on Fiverr mistake it for a black box and overlook the fact that search is algorithm-driven. Every trending gig that you find in the search results goes through an algorithm that assigns a ranking to that gig: number 1 or 100.

In order to rank your Gigs at the top, you need to understand how the Fiverr search algorithm works, what factors affect Gig rankings, and how each factor is weighted. Then all you have to do is give the algorithm exactly what it needs.

Keywords and CTR

The Fiverr algorithm searches each listing for keywords to better understand what the seller is trying to offer. By carefully placing the right keywords in the right places, Fiverr is able to recognize what is at stake and display it in the relevant results.

Keyword stuffing is one thing, and Fiverr doesn’t allow sellers to post listings with tons of keywords as it leads to a poor buying experience.

Click-Through Rate, or CTR, is the percentage of total impressions that sellers see (or click) on your listing. Striking and professional thumbnails, clickable titles and a reasonable price can lead to a higher click-through rate and thus better rankings.

Ratings, reviews and completed orders

The ratings or reviews your gig receives after you successfully deliver an order also affect your gig ranking. When a buyer rates your experience with a good five, Fiverr understands that your service is worth the price and should be ranked higher.

Likewise, completing more orders with good ratings counts towards your listing being promoted by the Fiverr algorithm. Factors like Fiverr levels and sell rates also affect Gig rankings, but it all only happens after you’ve received your first order.

Step 2: Find the perfect niche for your gigs

The first rule of the Fiverr Club is that if you have something to offer, it doesn’t necessarily mean others will buy it. Therefore, it is important to find a niche with little competition that is popular enough to generate regular orders.

Using Fiverr’s autocomplete

One way to find a niche (or sub-niche in some cases) is to use Fiverr’s autocomplete feature. For example, if you are a logo designer, go to the Fiverr buyers page and type “Logo design” in the search field, but don’t press it Input. Fiverr is now suggesting some related keywords that people are searching for, such as “Streetwear logo design” And “Restaurant Logo Design“.

Logo design, Fiverr search autocomplete

Your goal should be to create multiple appearances for low-competition niches, rather than creating a single appearance for a high-competition niche, such as logo design. For example, it is better to create jobs for “Restaurant Logo Design” or “YouTube Banner and Logo” than for “Logo Design”.

You can use other industry terms to find a niche for yourself. “Design,” “brand,” and “figma” are good examples of seed keywords that you can use to find more design-related niche ideas.

You can also narrow your niche based on industry, geographic location, or other characteristics. For example, in the voice-over industry, buyers are looking for artists with a specific accent (e.g., African). If you offer this service, include the differentiating term (in this case, “African speaker“) as a keyword in your performances.

Step 3: Analyze gig competition

So you’ve decided on a niche and you’re ready to launch a new gig. Not so fast! There are other checks you need to do to analyze whether your performance will be successful or not.

By 2022, over three million freelancers will be offering their services on Fiverr, and new sellers are joining the platform every day. Because of this intense competition, sellers need to analyze a niche’s competitiveness before offering an entry.

Number of results and orders

The number of search results and Gig orders is a clear indication of the niche competition. Ideally you should look for a niche with fewer gigs and more orders. More demand, less supply!

Streetwear Logo Design Niche Analysis fiverr

A good step is to start by searching for a broad term in your niche. Then, if you feel that there is competition in the niche, use the autocomplete method or brainstorm to find a sub-niche.

For example, a search for “voice-over” returns more than 28,000 results, with many appearances hitting the thousand completed orders mark. This means that it is a niche with high competitive pressure.

The Children’s Voice Over service has about 300 results with a decent number of total orders. “Micro” niches like “Punjabi Children’s Voice-Over” or “Scott Voice-Over” only have a few dozen sellers, with many gigs seeing around 50 successful orders.

Children's voice at five concerts

Of course, you can’t switch from “speaker” to “Spanish speaker” if you don’t speak Spanish. This is just to show that it is possible to find simple niches through brainstorming and research.

It’s a good idea to start by listing all your skills, even if they’re as basic as speaking Spanish. This will help you find a market to target with your gigs.

Step 4: Create SEO-optimized Gigs on Fiverr

A good way to cover a broad niche is to create multiple gigs for sub-niches with little competition. The more Gigs you create, the better your chances of getting more orders. However, each appearance should offer a different service.

Make sure you are able to deliver the service you promise as this will have a significant impact on your Fiverr career.

Optimize URL, title, tags and description

First, search for the niche and analyze the URLs, titles, tags, and descriptions of all the top performances. You will use them as inspiration for designing your own appearance. Write down anything that stands out or that you think could have a positive impact on your performances.

Make a note of the keywords used in the title, URL, and description of the other gigs. Also, pay attention to the title structure, URL, and thumbnails. This will help you create a better performance that outperforms all others.

Add FAQs

When you add FAQs to your listing, you improve your potential buyer’s experience by having their questions answered immediately, with no communication required. It also saves you time by filtering out buyers whose needs don’t overlap with the services you offer.

Bonus tips for getting orders on Fiverr

For Fiverr orders, the more, the merrier. There are a few non-SEO tips that will get more buyers’ attention, thereby getting you more business and boosting your freelance career.

stay online

Try to stay online as long as possible, as buyers tend to message sellers who are currently active to get a quick response.

We recommend downloading the Fiverr app and keeping it open on your smartphone at all times.

Download: Fiverr (Android | iOS)

Copywriting works wonders

A good title, a good thumbnail and a good description can contribute significantly to the success of your website. Learning to copywrite can get you more business as it will help you write clickable titles that will entice the buyer to click and view your gig.

A good thumbnail will make you look professional, while a detailed and carefully written description will help you convert the viewer into a buyer – that’s what copywriting is all about.

Finding Fiverr with SEO

It is important for a freelancer to have multiple jobs in a row so that each month they can consistently meet their financial goals or surpass the previous period.

Learning Fiverr SEO is essential if you want to increase your sales and, in turn, your earnings on Fiverr. Aside from these tips, there are several other ways to grow your Fiverr sales over time.

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