The Ultimate Audio Evidence App for Your Smartphone. Eliminates the need to hit record in the middle of a conflict. Defense Recorder will now record audio




Published on May 17, 2023

Denver-based Tech Company Launches Defense Recorder App, Empowers Users to Record and Preserve Audio Evidence. It’s smart to have a dash camera in the car, Defense Recorder is the pocket equivalent of people.

DENVER, CO, May 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Defense Recorder, a Denver-based tech company, is excited to announce the release of its groundbreaking smartphone app, Defense Recorder. This innovative app gives users a reliable way to continuously record and securely store audio captured by their phone’s microphone. With Defense Recorder, users can now have a constant witness at their disposal, allowing them to capture important audio evidence that can be replayed, saved, and used for various other purposes, including legal proceedings.

Defense Recorder has been carefully developed to meet the need for an efficient audio recording solution in a range of situations. Nicholas Sargent, founder of Defense Recorder, highlights the app’s versatility: “Whether you’re looking for self-defense measures, enforcing your rights, documenting verbal agreements, taking lecture notes, revisiting conversation, or just remembering important details, Defense Recorder is your reliable audio companion.”

The app works by continuously recording and storing the audio captured by the user’s phone microphone. Recorded audio is stored securely on the device’s internal storage until a customizable threshold of recordings is reached, then Defense Recorder automatically deletes the oldest clips to make room for new ones recording. Users can replay, save, share, and use recordings as evidence for legal defense. However, it is very important to “lock” or save a file within the app before deleting it automatically, as recovery is not possible once a file is deleted.

To ensure compliance with federal regulations, Defense Recorder confirms that the app is legal for use in all single-party consent states. Users are advised to research and comply with the recording consent laws applicable to their particular area, as regulations may vary by state. The app requires access to the user’s microphone, storage, and app subscription services. Users have the ability to adjust the amount of memory allocated for storing recordings. A monthly subscription fee of $3.99 gives users access to the app’s comprehensive features and can be easily managed through user account settings.

For detailed information on the app’s terms of use, privacy policy, and a comprehensive tutorial, and to learn about its innovative features, please visit the Defense Recorder website. Additionally, visitors can find valuable resources and insights about state-specific recording laws to ensure responsible use. To learn more about Defense Recorder and its innovative features, please visit For media inquiries or further assistance, please contact Nicholas Sargent at (email protected) or 720-262-0616.

Our app is legal under federally mandated one-party consent laws, however, each state has different regulations regarding the use of a program like ours.

About Defense Recorder:
Defense Recorder is a new technology company based in Denver. We specialize in building innovative solutions that empower individuals and businesses to improve their productivity, security, and overall digital experience.

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