The image of a woman working on her laptop in a traffic jam has gone viral


Traffic on the route was caused by a fallen tree

Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley, is known for its bustling culture and traffic. Well, this proves that an image is going viral on the internet showing a woman working on her laptop while riding as a pillion on a Rapido bike through the congested streets of Bengaluru. The image was clicked along the Koramangala-Agara-Outer Ring Road section.

The picture of it was posted on Twitter by Nihar Lohiya and soon gained traction across the internet. “Peak Bangalore moment. Women work on a rapido bike ride to the office,” read the caption.

Check out the picture here:

However, traffic on the route was caused by a fallen tree which had been struck by a truck near the approach road military gate near Ibbalur on the outer ring road. Deputy Police Commissioner (Traffic Department South) Sujeetha Salman shared details with commuters on Twitter, urging them to “choose an alternate road route.”

However, Mr. Lohiya’s caught the attention and garnered several comments. One user wrote: “Imagine the pressure when she has to work on a friggin’ bike. How insensitive the employers are. But if she’s late of her own accord, it’s her own fault.”

Another user wrote: “Imagine the pressure, the feeling of being lost in your own town where you work 10+ hours a day, the contempt. All she needed was a smooth, traffic-free road on which to commute peacefully from home without having to be accountable for the “extra” hour it takes to cover a 5km run .”

The third user commented: “Everything was fine with WFH, but no, the companies had to prevail and suppress the employees.”

“It shouldn’t be glorified. This is crappy corporate culture,” wrote the fourth user.

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