Make your laptop part of a three-screen setup with the FOPO Max 14-inch triple monitor


The ability to work remotely is undoubtedly one of the main benefits of modern technology. But while this freedom has many benefits, it can sometimes be counterproductive. When you’re limited to working on your laptop, you often have to constantly switch between windows and applications on a screen, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

With the FOPO Max 14″ Triple Monitor for Laptops, you can turn your laptop into part of a triple-screen mobile workstation, allowing you to work more efficiently from anywhere.

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The FOPO Max 14-inch triple monitor for laptops

Fopo Triple Portable Monitor Meeting-1

FOPO’s S19 Portable Triple Monitor features two 14-inch LCD IPS screens and acts as a monitor extender for your laptop. By attaching the center bracket around the lid of your laptop, you can enjoy the benefits of a three-screen setup no matter where you work.

It’s quick and easy to install and folds up into your laptop bag for convenient portability. It offers the perfect solution for multi-screen displays, data analysis and multitasking.

Fopo Triple Portable Monitor works

Supporting 15″ to 17″ laptops, both FOPO screens offer 1920 x 1080 resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio and 60Hz refresh rate. This laptop extender is compatible with Windows, Android, Linux and Mac and does not require any drivers to operate. It has a 178-degree field of view, and you can easily adjust your viewing angle with a push-and-pull built-in telescopic stand.

Equipped with a high NTSC color space of 72%, it is suitable for multimedia applications, design, presentations and even games. Once connected, the left screen can be independently adjusted from zero to 235 degrees and the right screen from zero to 180 degrees, giving you even more flexibility on your workspace.

Fopo Triple Portable Monitor Design

And when you choose the FOPO Max, you choose more compared to the competition. While other laptop monitor extenders are available, most offer additional screens that are smaller in comparison. By providing larger 14 inch HD IPS screens, the 14 inch FOPO Max triple monitor gives you a wider scope for your work.

Thanks to the larger screens, you’ll benefit from a much more consistent field of view across all panels, making this a much more viable option for screen sharing or working on multiple tasks.

Fopo Triple Portable Monitor Programming

The FOPO Max comes complete with full accessories, including a power adapter, two USB Type-C cables, two HDMI cables, two USB-C to USB-A cables, screen protectors, a cleaning cloth, and a carrying case. So you have everything you need for a quick and easy setup to connect your monitor extender and all your devices.

Why should you choose the 14-inch FOPO Max triple monitor?

With its instant setup and portable design, the FOPO Max helps you stay one step ahead no matter where you are. Work more efficiently in any environment and benefit from stunning graphics thanks to the HD IPS panels. Best of all, it folds neatly and slips into your laptop bag for easy portability.

By reducing workplace clutter and providing a versatile, multi-screen solution for your work needs, you can work at full capacity from anywhere. No more switching between windows while working remotely; Now you can enjoy the convenience of triple-screen viewing with exceptional clarity and work (or play) with complete freedom with the 14-inch FOPO Max triple monitor.

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