Brawling students, lifted laptop, discovery of a dog | San Juan County Sheriff’s Protocol


The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

May 3rd

• An abandoned bicycle was handed over to orcas and recorded as evidence.

• An Orcas representative took a report of a lost credit/debit card.

• A deputy responded to a possible incident of an attack between two students at a school targeting orcas. A report was prepared and youth services were notified.

• An officer received a report of the theft of a laptop in the Eastsound area. The case continues as possible leads are investigated.

May 4th

• A San Juan Congressman received an abuse report from a third party. The victim was contacted and said they did not wish to be investigated at this time.

5th of May

• An Orcas representative responded to a solo vehicle accident on Olga Road. The driver was contacted and an investigation found no injuries were reported and weather conditions played a role in the accident.

• Officers were dispatched to San Juan to report an order violation. After the investigation, the report was forwarded to the court.

May 6th

• A deputy on orcas responded to a report of a theft. A juvenile was identified as a suspect and the incident was referred to the San Juan County Attorney’s Office.

• A San Juan congressman took a complaint about a stolen golf cart; The owner has filled out a vehicle theft report.

• Lopez lawmakers were dispatched to a domestic riot. Although the suspect fled the scene on foot before officers arrived, the suspect’s dogs led officers to his location – under an overturned boat on the beach – and he was arrested without incident.

May 7th

• A deputy for Lopez investigated a two-vehicle collision. Information was exchanged and a report prepared.

• A Lopez resident called about an abandoned vehicle. The vehicle belonged to a relative of a neighbor and the parties will be in touch with them.

• A deputy for Lopez was sent on a scam call. An islander lost a large sum of money in a fraudulent Facebook Marketplace transaction. The investigations are ongoing.

• An officer on San Juan stopped a vehicle because of a white light at the rear. The driver was issued with a notice of lack of insurance and received a warning for having a white rear light.

• A congressman was sent to San Juan to report threats. One person was located and taken into custody for harassment.

8th of May

• A Lopez resident applied for a welfare check on his neighbor. Everything was good.

• On San Juan, an officer stopped a vehicle driver for driving an unsafe vehicle. The driver was reported because he did not have a valid driver’s license with ID and did not provide proof of insurance.

May 9th

• An orca deputy was contacted by the public high school after the principal found a controlled substance in a student’s backpack. The school took disciplinary action and turned the substance over to the sheriff’s office. A message will be forwarded to the youth welfare office.

• A Congressman received a report of a counterfeit $100 bill at a Friday Harbor market. The owner believes he received the bill as part of a series of sales he made on Craigslist. The bill was confiscated and posted as evidence.

• A deputy on San Juan received a fraud report. The victim reported that her computer was taken over and that she spoke to someone posing as “MSN Security.” The deputy called the number and spoke to someone who was obviously trying to scam people

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