3 key SEO tips from this founder who built a 7 figure community using search engine optimization


Branding has evolved from an aspect of marketing to an art form. In order to increase visibility, customers must be addressed at all levels and a strategic SEO plan must be developed.

Appearing on page one of Google search rankings doesn’t happen overnight. Strategy and consistency are crucial in the early stages of heightened awareness. In addition, patience is required to achieve long-term goals in marketing and sales. Google currently holds 92.58% of the total search engine market share and 68% of all online experiences start with a search engine.

Maricielo Solis, founder of BLENDtw, researched how SEO works to improve her platform for college students. BLENDtw is the leading community for Gen Z, covering college life, wellness and culture. Although it took over a year for her SEO efforts to gain momentum, Solis now operates a seven-figure business.

“I had spent all my life savings and about $10,000 to hire all these writers and make the publication beautiful,” she explains. “I didn’t know why we didn’t have the same appeal with a particular story as we did four months ago. I realized I had done something wrong. I got it all wrong because I didn’t know how the publishing world works… Then I realized I was completely missing SEO. In order for you to create content that ranks on Google, you need to follow certain guidelines… I applied the entire framework to my website. And off we went. We’ve gone from 10,000 readers per month to 10,000 readers per day. We started making $10,000 every month on the ad network, up to $100,000 in affiliate marketing. Once we knew how to use it, the site took off.”

Solis grew up in Peru and wanted to work in the media. She went to college in the US and after graduating, she applied to the NBC Page Program. The program is a rotating learning and development program for students who wish to enter the industry. She worked as an assistant to Lester Holt on Today Show, SNL, MSNBC’s Morning Joeamong other.

From NBC she joined CNN as a production assistant. For four years, Solis helped produce CNN’s flagship morning television program New day with Alisyn Camerota while also supporting the news teams of Anderson Cooper And Wolf Blitzer. During this time, at an event in Telemundo, she met a member of the Columbia University journalism faculty, who invited her to speak with a group of students. This became a regular occurrence.

“Two things became clear to me from those conversations,” says Solis. First, Gen Z and young people do not consume mainstream media; You have a very interesting relationship with it. You probably believe in a YouTuber more than an anchor with a name. I realized that there was distrust, and at the same time they felt that their stories were not being accurately reported. This is how BLENDtw was born, which stands for Blend the World. It was just a grassroots project that we launched in 2017.”

Solis published the platform, collecting stories from around the world ranging from gun control and violence in America to immigration and LGBTQ issues. One of her first stories spread so quickly that she was able to make money from it. She then left CNN to pursue freelance work and focus on BLEND.

Before she really learned how to optimize her website, she fell into the trap of believing that this one viral article would support her vision. Quickly realizing that wasn’t going to be the case, she worked odd jobs to pay her bills and keep the platform alive while also immersing herself in the world of search engine optimization.

Solis reveals her top three SEO tips for 2023:

Focus on creating EAT content

Google values ​​websites that demonstrate Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) because Google places its priority on providing accurate information and answering the concerns of users searching for a specific query. Google always rewards EAT content with higher rankings in the algorithm. This type of content includes clear subject matter knowledge about the topic you are writing about, primary research such as data, surveys, graphs and case studies, and unique images and videos that add value to the reader

Write for people, not machines

The biggest mistake new publishers make is using keywords too often in their articles. Doing this frequently can hurt your ranking on Google and give the impression that you are sending spam. Instead of using the same keyword multiple times in an article, focus on using variations of that keyword.

Also, don’t rely on AI tools when writing content. The content quality is low and hurts your ranking. AI tools are good at telling someone how to do something, but they can’t teach someone how to do something. Focus on quality content with real-life examples. Experts will become more critical next year.

Don’t ignore the most important web topics

The Core Web Vitals metrics are more important than ever with the latest Google updates as they are an integral part of the user experience. Let’s say you’re trying to use SEO to drive organic traffic to your website. In this case, it’s important to regularly monitor the Google Search Console to spot problems affecting pages on your site. A URL with good Core Web Vitals gives you an edge over your competitors.

Now Solis speaks in panels and helps others understand SEO and build their own platforms. In addition, she has founded an SEO marketing company and the platform attracts millions of readers every year.

As she continues to build BLEND, she focuses on the following key steps:

  • Be flexible in your pivot and how you get there.
  • Be willing to work hard, especially if you want to start your own business.
  • Be prepared to ask questions and seek help from others in the industry.

“You have to be committed to opportunities,” concludes Solis. “I firmly believe that you are manifesting the life you desire. It’s a mindset; it’s like, ‘I’m going to do this.’ It’s going to happen for me.’ But you have to stand up for the opportunities; They will not come to you.”


Update: Lester Hall; Lester Holt

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